Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Last Choir Concert :(

Last Friday was my last 5th grade choir concert! It was based on songs from the sixties and seventies, or a bit more modern. We had songs from the band Queen, the Beetles, The Beach boys, and such. I got a solo in the song Turn Turn Turn.

We had finished all the speaking parts right before "my solo song" and so I walked up to the microphone. Just as the music started, I realized a lot of the eyes in our choir were staring right beside me. I followed those eyes, and a watery spill was coming from a girl's mouth. Yes, she was puking!
She was probably just nervous, and (there always is a happy ending) the janitor cleaned it up in no time. The rest of the concert went as planned.
Talk about our best performance EVER!!!
I'm really sad because choir is over, but it turns out I'm also really excited because I am playing the viola in 6th grade! It is hanging up in my closet, brought home the day after my last concert.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lots'a updates....

Okay, my first update is on the school choir. On Wednesday, the 10th of November, will be my first 5th grade choir concert! It's going to be a veteran's concert, and that's really exciting! We even have special t-shirts that cost $7.
Next update. I went with Olivia and Alayna to a stake primary meeting on Saturday, and we sang a new song called If I Listen With my Heart. It was really pretty, but I have to mention... we stopped in the middle of the third verse! Nobody seemed to mind though, since we picked up three seconds later.
Then, back on Friday, the whole family went to a toy fair, where people from walmart(I think!) would show the kids toys to get them started up for Christmas, from Thomas the Train to Barbies! They also gave out free toys, and coloring sheets, and things like that.

Anyways, now I guess you're pretty updated!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

5th Grade Isn't Sooo Bad....

So, I've finally gone to 5th grade, and it really isn't that bad :) Well, other than that darn fact that I can't see my sisters at school, and that I now switch classes, and this new school is a maze of differences(the list is kind of endless!!!) I've made a bunch of new friends and my homeroom teacher is the literacy teacher. I have a really, really, really nice social studies teacher(who has gotten me to memorize the animaniacs capitols song in 3 weeks). Here's a picture of my school:

Pretty Castle-like huh?
Sometimes the principal even wears her crown through the halls at school(mind you I haven't seen it yet)! The school is pretty castle themed. The two towers in that picture are so pretty! Right in between them is a row of windows which is the reading loft's windows. There are also teams. 5th grade and 6th grade teams, of which are:
5th grade:
Dragons(I wanted to be on Excalibur, but ended up on this team. It's still pretty cool:)

& 6th grade:
Quest(the team I want to be on)

So school is pretty cool! :) (:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Next Year? Not So Easy!

Hi everybody, What's going on? I haven't blogged in a while, but that's just me, can't find the time to do anything. I am super scared about going to 5th grade next year. I won't be with any family at all! At least most of my friends are going there, so we'll still be in the same school. The middle school I'm going to is called Old High Middle School, and I have seen it and been inside of it only once before. I can tell you this, that school is pretty big! But even though the school itself is pretty large, the caffeteria is nothing compared to Cooper's. When me and my dad went to check the school out, I saw some of the classrooms, and that got me pretty excited about going to be in 5th grade. There's one science classroom that uses excersize balls on chairs. That's when they have good days. There's even a fitness room, with equipment and everything! In about 3 months, I'll be blogging about my first day of 5th grade!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today is Valentine's day and I have so much to tell! First of all this morning, mom decided she didn't feel so good, and we were in from church. I slept 'till about 7:00 a.m. Then, Livvy came in. She told me to wake up, and I groaned. That repeated 3 more times, and she surrendered for about 5 minutes. Then she came in and said,"Ally, do you want to flip pancakes or not!?!" Of course, I want to. Flipping pancakes is, like, my favorite thing to ever do. So my immediate reaction was to suddenly flip my face out of the pillow and say,"DUH." We got downstairs, and finally made the pancakes. Luckily, at the last second my mom let everyone put 2 drops in, which makes like 8 drops of red food coloring. It turned out we had not just heart pancakes, but rainbow pancakes, snowman pancakes, bear pancakes, and my favorite,
Ducky Pancakes!
We ate all of our pancakes, and started playing around. I asked when mom was going to let us pass out valentines, and she said we could do it right now! I cut some hearts out, took some stick on lace, stuck it on there and wrote down a couple of poems on them in different colored markers. The following are the poems.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Sugar is SWEET and so are YOU!

Valentine's day is not just about food or sweet chocolate candies galore. It's not about parties you have at school, wishing that there could be more. It's not about cards or the fun decorating or even the mushy gushy goo. Valentine's Day is just one special way of saying that I love YOU!

What does Valentine's day mean to you? Does it mean parties and sweet candies too? Does it mean cupid or mushy gushy goo? To me it means that I LOVE YOU!!!!!

I got a little box of candies from mom, similar to this one below.
It wasn't just me, Olivia, Alayna, and Phoebe all got one too!

Have agreat Valentine's day, everybody!

Twisted Whiskers Creeps Me Out!

(This is just a random blog, so everyone knows)

So I was at my most likely last school Valentine's Day party when at the very top of my mailbox are 2 Twisted Whiskers cards. I just got this image off the internet, my cards had dogs and cats on them. They are all really creepy, no matter what. I don't care if their popular to some people, they are too weird for me!